The Centenarians of the Republic.

“I do hope that on completion of the task, you would be
willing to write a foreword for the book.” When Karrim Esshack was   researching and writing this book he gave me the reasons why he was so impressed by the centenarians he had met in Rodrigues and Mauritius. Already he was receiving many supports from many quarters that were willing to provide information and assistance as you may see from his Acknowledgements. All along as he was completing the chapters he would send them to me with the request to edit and proofread them, knowing me from the time we were writing regularly for Mauritians Abroad, a quarterly family magazine edited and published by our mutual friend, Krish Veeramah.

By reading through the chapters I learned a lot more about these centenarians myself. Karrim has spent a lot of time and efforts in gathering the information for this book; a yeoman’s service to our countrymen and women; a type of research that will enrich the knowledge and skills of those caring for their elderly  kith and kin either at home or in other environments. Health workers and others interested in this field will definitely find Karrim’s research contribution a mine of needed information that can be useful to their caring approach whether the recipients of this care are centenarians or not.

Karrim Esshack  has drawn from many areas of current and latest research around the world in the area of population. He has raised many questions and pointed the way wherein more definite work needs to be done. I am sure others willing to explore and extend this work will find his contribution a most welcome  start as a resource.

I  wish to thank Karrim  for giving me this special honour to help in this work; I am indebted to him and join with many others in saluting him to have the courage, health and indeed the time to complete this self-assigned project while simultaneously coping  and caring for  loving wife. This is nothing new to him; as a volunteer worker, he is well-known in UK and Mauritius for supporting the causes of the vulnerable, the disable and the underprivileged of our society.  He cares; this caring and inquiring attitude that had moved him to undertake the efforts culminating in The Centenarians of the Republic.

If this book does anything at all, it will provide the readers with the solution to look after themselves to live long, health, happy and useful lives.

Dr David B. Lingiah
External Prof of psychology/psychotherapy
Ansted University
Alumni: Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA

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